Capital District Mothers of Twins Club Support Group

“The Capital District Mothers of Twins Club (CDMOTC) was formed in 1982 in order to supply emotional support for parents of multiples and allow for the exchange of ideas related to the raising of multiple birth children. We are a not-for-profit group.

As a support group we meet on the 3rd Tuesday of every month to share ideas on such subjects as sleeping issues, potty training, childcare, money saving tips, starting school, returning to the work force and more. The CDMOTC is a place for parents to meet and relax, make friends and find new ideas about raising multiple children.

In addition to support meetings we offer events (both member-only (e.g. Members’ Night Out) and family-oriented (e.g. annual picnic, visits to museums and other kid-friendly places, and holiday parties)) and periodically organize play-dates at various locations.”
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