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The Children’s Guide is a community of child and family based businesses that support each other. From our locally known and trusted online directory to our well attended events, we have a great group of growing professionals looking to create awareness and relationships within the right circles. Joining The Children’s Guide, and all it’s members, provides an incredible resource for getting your name in the local community not only with parents using the directory, but also within the business and referral sources we all need to succeed in business.

The Children’s Guide

Web and Social Presence: The Children’s Guide website is a great resource for parents who are looking to find things for their children. Our directory is well known locally as thee place to find businesses and services that families in the Capital Region are looking for. We also have an interactive Facebook page that we use to connect with local parents, initiate conversations, and share sales/specials/promotions from our community of businesses. Lastly, we also send out a newsletter monthly to thousands of local parents, every member has the opportunity to include something in the newsletter from an open house, to a new summer camp, an article or more.

The Professional Group: In the year 2014 we are no longer in a business environment where we can just rely on throwing money at ads and watching the foot traffic pile in. We have to connect to the local community, be known/seen, and establish word of mouth referral sources. This is something we really try and give our members – the chance to connect. While networking in general is something we all like to do when possible, this is extremely targeted networking with businesses in the same field. Allow us to help you connect with other like-minded professionals in this area.

For about the cost of 2 trips to Starbucks per month we offer businesses the chance to join our community at The Children’s Guide (and we offer a much better return on your investment!). From the listings on the website, the networking, newsletter, our Facebook page, events and more – we think we provide an incredible value in a variety of ways. We probably fall under the category of “ad budget” for a lot of companies, but we offer so much more than just a traditional ad. We hope you’ll consider joining and look forward to hearing from you!

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“Talk about “Bang for your Buck!” I have gained so many new clients and contacts from The Children’s Guide, and at such reasonable advertising rates. The Children’s Guide works hard to get our name out there, with the website, monthly newsletters, special events and more – they’re always coming up with something new! Plus, their events are always such a success and always packed with families. My Drama Kids that attend have an utter blast, and the parents rave at how well organized and fun The Children’s Guide events are.”
Deanna from Drama Kids

“I was at an event this summer and had parents come up to me saying.. I have seen you on The Children’s Guide! I noticed you on the birthday party page! What a great thing to hear at an event!”
Tantrum Spa Parties

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